Update on Bellstring Lane and Liley Lane



Despite our recent installation of additional warning signs, there has been a further collision on the B6118, Bellstring Lane and Liley Lane.

Due to the forecast weather conditions for the next few days, we have now taken the decision to install temporary traffic lights at two locations on Bellstring Lane and Liley Lane as an additional safety measure.

This route is used both by local people and by those travelling longer distances. It is considered that this temporary traffic management arrangement is the better option until further testing of the road surface has been completed.

The safety of road users is very important to us, and investigation work is continuing on this stretch of road.


  • Whilst the intention is commendable, I am not convinced the current stop gap solution is appropriate. In my view the traffic signals are in the incorrect position and are too long. Gaining access to our property at peak times is a nightmare.


  • This road used to have the national speed limit until it was reduced to 40mph. There are much worse roads with I higher speed limit.
    The problem is that the standard of driving is deteriorating and people can’t adjust their driving for the conditions.
    Get the driving test changed to fix the problem, rather than trying to control the symptom.


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