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Council Tax

Council Tax

We send out over 183,000 council tax bills throughout March. The way we send out bills means that your neighbour may get their bill before you – so please don’t call us just yet. We’ve put together a short video to answer some of the most common questions we get asked at this time of year about the bills. You can watch our video below.


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Find out more about how your money is spent.

Check out our Factsheet (PDF)

Learn more about your bill (PDF)

If you haven’t received your bill by 5 April 2016 let us know by telephoning 01484 414900.


  • Hi Charlotte,

    Please call the council tax line on 01484 414900 – Lines open from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday.



  • Charlotte Grantham

    How do I change the name on my council tax bill there’s no simple way/easily accessible way to do so

  • Hi Natalie
    Thanks for your question – you can contact council tax by calling 01484 414900. The lines open from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday.



  • Hi, I am wondering how I can change my name (due to marriage) on my council tax bill please.

  • Hi Ellie.

    Please visit the council tax information pages on our website for contact details.



  • Hi I got sent a council tax bill for my old address. I was a student then and I still am. Therefore I don’t have to pay council tax? How do I contact you to tell you this?

  • Hi John

    You can find this information and how to apply on the following website



  • Could you please confirm income levels which determine if council tax payment is appropriate or whether a partial or total exemption is applicable?

  • Hi David,

    I’ve passed your question on to my colleagues in council tax. They will be in touch shortly.


  • I am 74 am 79 years old and my wife is74 years old. We are on pension credit and we have been allowed full reduction before..Can you tell me why we now have to pay £63.36

  • Hi Wendy
    The government have allowed us to increase Council Tax by an extra 2%, to pay for local adult social care functions.
    As we are becoming an aging population the government has recognised a short fall in adult social care and agreed that local authorities with responsibility for these services can charge this increase each financial year to support adult social care functions until the end of the financial year 2019/20.

    Adult social care services help people who are in need of practical support due to illness, disability or old age. We support people in a wide range of circumstances. Everyone can get information and advice from us, and many people receive further support. Our aim is to help people keep their independence, either in their own home or in their local community. For information on adult social care see our web information at

  • Question why do I have to pay Adult Social Care Precept

  • Bradford seem to have their priorities right to me. The dog fouling has been reported by numerous people over many years. There are even posters made by children attached to many lamp posts to no avail. You never see any local inspectors monitoring(probably not on the budget either). The speeding is well known and reported in the past. I gather no budget for that to be monitored maybe for one day. What the cost of life?….

  • Hi Rita,

    Thanks for your comments. Council tax is not a direct payment for specific services you use, but a contribution towards the overall running of the council (and police and fire services) and the variety of services we provide to the Kirklees community.

    Because of huge budget cuts we have to do things differently to save money, whilst still maintaining services for those most in need. Other councils across the country will be doing the same depending on their budgets and local priorities.

    Please contact Kirklees Direct to report the dog fouling on 01484 414700 and report any speeding issues online

  • Why do Bradford have garden waste bins and Gomersal doesn’t? We all pay council tax. I do not see why i have to bag cuttings etc up, leave them to blow away and phone or email for collection. Why is dog poop a big problem on Oxford Road still if 21 million is being spent? Why are there no speed bumps on Oxford Road, the speeding is unbelievable? I await a reply. I await your reply. Many thanks.

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