Local families get their preferred secondary schools

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Preferred secondary schools

Almost 96 per cent of local families have been successfully matched with one of their preferred secondary schools.

Around 5,000 children will be starting secondary school in our district in 2016 – and 95.9 per cent have been allocated a place at one of the schools stated as a preference on their application.

Exam data shows that our secondary schools are performing well, with last year’s GCSE results significantly higher than the national average.

Cllr Shabir Pandor, our cabinet member for Schools and Learning, said:

We are proud of our high educational standards and of the excellent work taking place in schools across Kirklees.

As always, moving up to secondary school will be a big step for many children later this year. However, children and families can have every confidence that Kirklees is a great place to be educated.”

More about preferred secondary schools

This year’s secondary school allocations showed that, locally, 4,229 families (85.9 per cent of applicants) secured a place at their first-choice school, with 379 (7.7 per cent) and 111 (2.3 per cent) gaining places at their second and third choices respectively.

For primary schools, the allocation of places will be announced in April.

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  • Hi Lewis,

    I’m sorry but I’ve checked with the team and we don’t have that information readily available, and it would take someone a long time to work it out.



  • Do you have the percentage figure for those who were allocated their first preference school if this was their catchment area school?

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