Update on the closure of Whitcliffe Mount Sports Centre

Whitcliffe Mount

Whitcliffe Mount


Whitcliffe Mount Sports Centre will close its doors to the public for the final time on the 20 May 2016. On its last day of operation, the gym will close at 6pm and the sports hall and courts at 10pm with the whole building being closed to the public at 10.30pm.

The closure of the sports centre means that the work can begin on a replacement for the school (which is joined to the centre).

The replacement school is part of the Government’s Priority Schools Building Programme.

A range of alternative sport and leisure facilities are available across North Kirklees in particular at Batley Sports and Tennis Centre, Batley Baths, Spenborough Pool and Dewsbury Sports Centre.

Cllr Graham Turner, our cabinet member for resources said:

We know that the sports centre is well loved and that the closure has evoked some strong emotions. However, the school is in desperate need of replacement and we owe it to our children to ensure that they are taught in a high quality environment. Closing the sports centre is the only way to ensure the crumbling school can be replaced.

I do understand the frustrations of the users of the sports centre but we have worked with many of them to ensure they have adequate provision elsewhere. I am confident that the KAL facilities, on offer close by, can provide the level of high quality sports and leisure provision required by those living in the Whitcliffe Mount area.”

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