Huddersfield bus station parking – update

Huddersfield Bus Station

We are advising anyone that parks in Huddersfield that the top four floors of the bus station will be closed for a further two weeks until 6 April 2016.

Huddersfield Bus Station

The additional 2 floors (floors 3 and 4) will remain closed whilst the old floor surface is removed on the upper levels. This means that until further notice, only short stay parking is available, and this is on levels 1 and 2 only.

The essential resurfacing work on levels 5 and 6 started on Monday 7 March and is on schedule to be finished in early May 2016. Contractors are removing the old worn membrane, laying a new one and remarking the parking bays.

Where else can I park?

Alternative long stay parking is available around Huddersfield ring road including Springwood, Cambridge Road and St Andrews Road. There are also short stay car parks.

Visit our parking spaces in Kirklees webpage for details.

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