Primary School Places in Kirklees

Primary School Places - children in school play

Primary School Places - children in school playAround 7,300 children will be starting reception class or transferring to junior or middle schools in Kirklees later this year.

Figures today (national offer day) show that the majority of families saw there child get a place at one of their preferred schools. Just over 97 per cent of local families have been successfully matched with one of their preferred primary schools.

97.2 per cent of families were allocated a place at one of the schools stated as a preference on their application, of those:

  • 90.2 per cent (6566 families) got a place at their first-choice school
  • 5.3 per cent (389 families) got a place at their second-choice school
  •  1.7 per cent (124 families) got a place at their third-place school.

Overall, every family who applied for primary school has been allocated a place

The figures cover children who are starting in reception class, children moving from an infant school to a junior school and children moving into a middle school.

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  • Extremely positive outcome, really good achievement in challenging times . . . though there will probably still be negative comments in the Examiner. Pity the LA isn’t able to say that the main reason that 2.8% didn’t get one of their three preferences was because they applied for popular schools outside their catchment area, or missed the closing date deadline (I’m guessing here).

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