Huddersfield bus station parking – update



The top four floors of Huddersfield bus station will remain closed until further notice due to ongoing work to improve the surface of the bus station car park.  It’s unlikely they will open before May 2016.

Levels 5 and 6 of the bus station were closed on Monday 7 March so that essential resurfacing work could take place, this is scheduled to be completed in early May 2016. The council are removing the old worn membrane, laying a new one and remarking the parking bays.

In order to carry out the removal of the old floor membrane above, an additional 2 floors (floors 3 and 4) have been closed. This means that until further notice, only short stay parking is available, and this is on levels 1 and 2 only.

Contractors will also be carrying out some minor works to the surfaces on levels 3 and 4, whilst they are closed.

We appreciate that this may cause some inconvenience but would like to remind you that alternative long stay parking is available around Huddersfield ring road including Springwood, Cambridge Road and St Andrews Road. There are also short stay car parks.

Where else can I park?

A list of long and short stay car parks and on street parking is available on the parking section on our website

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  • Why is there only a couple of benches in Heckmondwyke bus station. Alot of people have commented on this. There is plenty of unused space to place more. It would benefit people especially in the summer to have their lunch outside. I know there is the park, but a few benches at that side wouldn’t go amiss. Obviously waste bins about too would be good.

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