5 reasons to apply for a council apprenticeship

Council Apprenticeship - builder And Apprentice Carrying Wood On Construction Site

We have over 30 council apprenticeship vacancies. Here are 5 reasons why you should think about applying?

Council Apprenticeship - builder And Apprentice Carrying Wood On Construction Site

We know our apprentices love what they do, but don’t take our word for it!  Here is the low down on earning whilst learning from the people themselves:

1. You will be starting a paid career

The starting salary for a council apprenticeship is £3.30 per hour (the national apprentice minimum wage.   After a year, if you are on a longer council apprenticeship, you will get national minimum wage. Not bad when you are still learning and gaining a qualification!

Most apprentices complete a 1 year course, when they finish it, many go on to find a permanent role with the council or another company.

Kerrie Snailham is a business support officer, she finished her apprenticeship and then applied for a new job with the council.   She now earns over £16,000, and this will go up every year.  She says: “Becoming an apprentice with the council is the best decision I ever made”

When James Taylor finished his customer service apprenticeship,  he got a full time job with the council, within 6 months he got promoted to a Technical Officer for street scene and housing:   “I left full time work to join an apprenticeship scheme, with a hope to a better future and to learn new skills, and with hard work as well as the support of Kirklees Council I have been successful!”

2. You’ll become a better version of you

Doing a good job always makes you feel good about yourself.  However, as part of your council apprenticeship you get extra support from colleagues and tutors.   This means you have more chance to try out different things, and see what works best for you.

Kerrie said: “I’ve been given the chance to try new things and push myself,  which in turn has allowed me to become a confident and competent individual. It has helped me to see the bigger picture and begin thinking about my future career.

“I am now planning on starting an NVQ Level 3 in Business Admin, so it’s allowed me to progress too”

3. You’ll learn something new every day

Council apprentices complete industry recognised qualifications with the help of high quality training providers.   They also learn on the job skills that make them attractive to future employers

Max Youell,  a social media apprentice has had a very exciting start to his first year: “I’ve interviewed councillors, created videos, and attended meetings. I’ve also been featured in the local paper and a national communications blog.  And, because I’m doing stuff I love on my apprenticeship, time is going fast.”

4. What you do really helps other people

Working for a council is all about helping people.   You could be making places safe and attractive for people to live in or visit, answering customers questions, or helping people to access the services they need.

On of our apprentice plumbers says “We work in both public buildings and domestic properties. I undertake adaptation work which means that I help create wet rooms and make modifications to bathrooms. This helps tenants who have disabilities.”

“I really enjoy finding solutions to problems and when we fix something like heating for a customer they are so happy, its very rewarding.”

5. The sky is the limit with a council apprenticeship

An apprenticeship can be a stepping-stone to a higher level qualification, you could even work up to getting a degree.

You could end up with a pretty impressive job title,  for example – our Assistant Director of Place started out as an apprentice.

How to apply for a council apprenticeship

You can apply for an apprenticeship by logging on to the council’s job site

You will need to apply by 13 May 2016

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  • No better place to learn a trade than Building Services they have turned out excellent Tradesmen for not only for the Local Community but Nationally and Worldwide.
    They are supported by Management,Trade Unions and Local Colleges with there training which is second to none.
    I know as l was one of those apprentices many years ago……..

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