Oakwell at Night – an introduction to life in 17th Century

Oakwell at Night - Leeds Waits perform

Enjoy a taste of the 17th Century with Oakwell at Night on Friday, 13 May.Oakwell at Night - Leeds Waits perform

You can take the trip back in time at the historic Oakwell Hall on Nova Lane, Birstall, as part of the national Museums at Night scheme.

It promises to be an interesting evening with: atmospheric costumed tours lasting around an hour, craft demonstrations from the Friends of Oakwell, a talk on 17th Century food and dining etiquette and the chance to sample a range of traditional dishes.

The evening will be rounded off with a 17th century musical recital from the Leeds Waits.

What was happening in the 17th century

Before you book,  why not immerse yourself in a bit of 17th century history – here are 5 interesting things that happened during the century to get you started.

  1. Guy Fawkes didn’t blow up the houses of parliament (something we are all happy about on bonfire night).
  2. Pocahontas (The daughter of the leader of the Powhatan tribe) got married to Englishman John Rolfe.
  3. The American’s started hanging people for being witches (Alse Young was the first person in America to be executed for being a witch).
  4. A five year old became the King of France (Louis XIV).
  5. Russia imposed a tax on beards – so not a good time to be a hipster (the English did this a century earlier in 1535).

More information about Oakwell at Night

This event starts at 7.30pm and will last until 10pm.

Places must be pre-booked; prices are £15 per person and £12 for Friends of the Museum or annual ticket holders.

Places can be booked by calling 01924 324761.

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