Pothole repairs – council tests different methods

pothole being filled

pothole being filled

Over the next few months our engineers will be testing new ways of repairing potholes across the district.

It is hoped that the tests will help us to find solutions that are long-lasting and offer value for money. We’re also looking at pothole repair methods that can make the process quicker and that are suitable for roads and highways in both the rural and urban areas across Kirklees.

The tests should be no more disruptive than current pothole repair methods, but it might be that we need to ask residents to move their cars so the machinery can get through.

If we’re working in your area, and we need cars to be moved out of the way temporarily, we’ll put signage up at least 24 hours in advance so please make other arrangements if asked.


  • Hi Anwar,

    You can report a pothole on our website: report a pothole



  • A pothole has been repaired in the road but has not sorted the problem, road has subsided and needs further inspection i think it could do with inspectors out to see the problem further
    The street that has the problem in tanhouse street in the middle of the street out number 5 Tanhouse street

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