Kirklees permit scheme for household waste and recycling centres- your top questions answered

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permit schemeFrom 11 July we’re running a new permit scheme in Kirklees for our household waste and recycling centres. We’re moving to a simpler online system where you register your vehicle and no longer need to remember to bring a printed permit with you.

It’s a topic that’s got a lot of people talking on social media so here are the answers to your main questions….

Here’s what you need to know . . .

1. How do I register?

We’ve already started registering vehicles ahead of the launch in July and you can do it on our website. You can register up to two vehicles at your home address (must be in Kirklees). Your vehicle registration number then becomes the permit number and you don’t need a paper permit anymore. People without access to the internet can register by visiting one of our customer service centres, or by using a computer in a local library. If you have friends or relatives without the internet it’s fine for you to register on their behalf as long as you have all their details (see below).

Once you’ve registered you no longer need to bring a printed permit with you, even before the new system starts on 11 July.

2. What information do I need to give to register?

As well as basic info like name, address, email address, we also need the registration number of the vehicle(s), plus the make, model and colour so please make sure you have this to hand when you start.

For a large vehicle you will also need your V5 vehicle registration document. See our website for further information.

3. What will happen when I visit a centre from 11 July?

As you drive into one of our sites a member of staff will check the vehicle registration number on a tablet computer. As long as you’re registered you’ll be able to unload your vehicle as soon as normal.

4. What happens if I’ve not registered and turn up?

We want as many people to register before 11 July. If you arrive at a centre without registering your vehicle, you can do this quickly using a smartphone with an internet connection, or can be guided through the process by a site operative. Registering beforehand will save time when you visit a centre.

5. Why do I need to register?

The online registration system means you no longer need to remember to bring a printed permit when you visit a centre. It will also make sure our centres are used by Kirklees householders only and that sites are not used for the disposal of trade waste (which is illegal).

6. What if I use a hire car or van?

If you use hire car or van you will have 7 days to use a site. The 7 day period will start from the date of the hire agreement and we will ask for a council tax or utility bill which has the same address as that shown on the hire agreement. You do not need to register online.

7. What if I don’t have car,  can I ask a friend or taxi to take my rubbish to the tip?

If you don’t have a car or don’t drive then you can still use the household waste site,  you will need to accompany the person driving your waste to the tip and bring a utility bill and photo ID with you.  The vehicle you come in cannot be on the prohibited vehicle list.

8. What about people who drive vans, trucks or trailers, can they still use the tip?

Larger vehicles including 4×4 with pick up, single axle trailers (maximum 6 feet long) and vans (maximum weight of 3 tonnes) can still use our tips but they are limited to 12 visits a year and should only be used for transporting household waste.  We consider this a reasonable amount of visits for the size of vehicle involved.

If you are registering on of these types of vehicles we may require additional information, such as a permission letter from the company that owns them, so it is important that you enter the correct contact details on the form. If we cannot get in touch then we cannot finalise the registration.

More information on the Permit Scheme in Kirklees

Visit our website for more information about our Household Waste and Recycling Centres.


  • I have a leased citroen despatch van… so it is not a short term hire – but a 3 year lease – It does not come with a V5 document as we do not own the van.. How do I register this as a vehicle to use at the tip from time to time?

  • this permit scheme is rubbish, all I want to do is the right thing is dump rubbish correctly yet Kirklees in their stupidy make it hard, is it any surprise that people fly tip, its the easier option. Trie phoning the permits section to sort out the problem, no chance kept asking to leave a messager, no point I needed to talk to someone. Seriously thinking of becoming a fly tipper. Kirklees should make it easier to dump rubbish that would cure fly tippping, Now to go to Flint street steamed up. Staff there very helpfull.

  • Hi Corrinne

    Can you email with your details and someone should be able to help.



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