Pop-up gardens in Huddersfield and Dewsbury

pop-up gardens, planning with children

Over the last eight months, children and adults from 23 schools and 14 community groups have designed, decorated and filled planters with flowers and plants in order to create pop-up gardens for everyone to enjoy.

pop-up gardens, planning with children

The planters were created to tell people something about the creators and the place where they live.  They were created as part of the Bloom and Grow Together project.

The children and adults who have been involved in the project will be there throughout the day to guide people around the garden and entertain them with presentations, poetry and singing.

The Schools and community groups involved in the project were:

Wellhouse J & I School who worked with WAVES (a group for adults with learning disabilities) in Slaithwaite

Spring Grove J I & N School who worked with Brockholes J & I School,

Diamond Wood Academy in Ravensthorpe who worked with the Greenwood Centre Craft Group and Residents Action Group

Old Bank J, I & N School who worked with the Safe Anchor Trust and local Methodist Church.

Teacher Mary Lane, from Wellhouse J&I School said:

“This project has made my heart sing!”

Theo and Joe wrote in the Wellhouse Bloom and Grow Together diary:

“We have had the chance to meet the extraordinary people of Waves and develop a lifelong friendship.”

Diamond Wood Academy said

“We sang to the Greenwood Centre Craft ladies and it was so exciting to meet them, we talked about it all the way back to school.”


Where can I see the pop-up gardens

They will be on display in the centre of Huddersfield and Dewsbury this June

The gardens will first appear at The Piazza, Huddersfield on Tuesday 21 June and at Market Place (across the road from the Town Hall), Dewsbury on Friday 24 June.

They will be open from 9.30am to 4.30pm.


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