Early Intervention event

We hosted our first ever early intervention and prevention (EIP) partnership event on 9 June at Batley Town Hall.

Early Intervention and Prevention

Over 80 representatives from the council, health and social care, schools, communities and voluntary sector went to the event.  The event was about bringing  the communities of Batley and Spen together to look at doing things differently and better in the area.

The event will help to make sure that the work will be joined together in a way that makes it more effective.

What’s early intervention?

Early intervention and prevention is all about tackling issues early to stop bigger problems from happening.

This includes:

  • preventing family breakdown
  • keeping people healthy for longer – so that social care support is needed later, or not at all.

How does early intervention help?

Early Intervention helps people and communities to be need less support from the council and its partners . It also gives people more control over their lives.

But it is also about  getting people the right support at the right time. This could be from the council but also from other organisations.

Sue Richards, Kirklees Council, Assistant Director for Early Intervention and Prevention said

“Although we need to make savings there is also an opportunity to do things better and improve the way we provide services for local people.

People are living longer with more complicated care needs, such as living with dementia and complex disabilities. More children and families also need support and this has presented us with increasing challenges, more so than ever before. This important event is all about bringing organisations closer together; to strengthen and enhance the way we work now and in the future.

There are some good examples of work being done already, such as developing schools as community hubs and joint commissioning with local health services. Our ideas in Kirklees mirror lots of thinking which is in progress up and down the country – it builds upon innovations which have already been made by some, so we need to make the most of the opportunities already out there in Batley and Spen whilst creating new ones”

Who spoke at the event?

Kirklees Council Chief Executive – Adrian Lythgo, The Chief Executive for Locala Community Partnerships – Robert Flack,  and Simon Cale the Chief Executive of the Yorkshire Children’s Centre  were the mail speakers. Local head teachers also spoke at the event.

Robert Flack, from Locala said

“In Locala we believe in doing things differently and we’re actively encouraging people to be involved in decision making about their health and wellbeing and maximise their independence – with our support when needed. So we’re very pleased to be involved in this forward-thinking initiative with local partners.”

Simon Cale, from Yorkshire Children’s Centre said:

“Voluntary and community groups in Batley and Spen have provided important early help services  to residents over many years. We want to strengthen this support to those most in need by working creatively with our partners in public services at this challenging time.

Feedback from the event will be used to develop proposals for the area.

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