Post 16 education and skills review

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Our further Education and Sixth form colleges are involved in a review of post 16 education and skills across England which will report shortly.

tile about education and skills review

The West Yorkshire regional review is currently taking place, and involves local college principals and chairs of governors of local further education and sixth form colleges. These include Kirklees College, Greenhead College and Huddersfield New College.

The principals and chairs of governors of the three Kirklees Colleges, and Chief Executive of Kirklees Council are representing the district.  Together they have put forward recommendations which build upon the success that young people already achieve in the district.

The review process, which began in October 2015, will be completed by July 2016, with any changes be put in place by 2020.

Adrian Lythgo – Chief Executive of Kirklees Council said:

“Kirklees has very strong arrangements for post 16 education and training.

Young people in Kirklees have a wide range of academic, vocational and apprenticeship programmes to choose from and all post 16 provision in Kirklees has been graded either “good” or “outstanding” by Ofsted.

The post 16 education and training sector is critical to raising productivity and boosting economic growth. Post 16 education and training in the Kirklees area is strong, and the three colleges provide 82% of all programmes for 16-19 year olds. Kirklees has already consolidated its post 16 provision and young people benefit from a wide range of high quality courses in financially viable institutions.

The review has enabled the council and the colleges to strengthen relationships and partnership working, recognising the financial challenge for further efficiency set out by the area review team. Together, we have agreed to form a cooperative learning trust to continuously develop the post 16 education and training offer to meet the needs of the district now and in the future.”

More information about the post 16 education and skills review

Visit the government webpages about the review


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  • “Post 16” – that means anybody OVER 16 does it? Apparently not. If you are over 16, missed the chance to do a degree then you need to get A levels first, or if you are over 16 and just want to do A levels – YOU CAN’T. Because you have to work. And there is nowhere in the country where you can do A levels in a classroom environment in the evenings or at weekends. There are some part time daytime places available but they are on odd days at different hours so no employer is going to allow its staff to be out of the workplace on an irregular basis, even if they could work other hours to make up that time. The whole system is geared to prevent employed older people from improving their education. Not all of us can study online. I have spent thousands attempting to study online. I want to teach English as a second language. I was top in English all through school, but I had to leave school after my O levels. I want to gain A levels in English Language and English Literature – in a classroom environment. I would have liked to do a degree including English and History. I have been and continue to be discriminated against because of my age. Because the Government actively prevents me from obtaining an education which is available to over 16s as students or unemployed. And most of the unemployed are immigrants or are unemployed because immigrants have taken their jobs. But the decent hard working citizens of this country are prevented from obtaining an education. And we are the ones who make it possible for the Ministry of Education to function – through our taxes.

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