Landlords prosecuted for health and safety breaches

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We has successfully prosecuted the owners of two neighbouring properties for health and safety failures.court case tile

The landlords Dr Mohammed Iqbal and Mrs Samina Iqbal from Somerset Road Huddersfield, owned and rented out 2 properties on Almondbury Bank, Huddersfield.

The tenants reported a number of issues with the property including no guard or handrails above three metre drops onto concrete flagged areas and disrepair to roofs and windows. The tenants had also suffered a number of near misses and accidents, including roof slates falling off and narrowly missing them, and one of their children getting their head stuck in between the spindles on an internal staircase.

We served notice on the landlords under section 11 & 12 of the Housing Act 2004.  This meant that they had to carry out the necessary work to make sure the property met the health and safety requirements, but they failed to do this in the allotted time so the council took the case to court.

What was the outcome of the case?

When the case was heard at Huddersfield Magistrates Court, Dr Iqbal and Mrs Iqbal failed to attend and were found guilty in their absence.  They received a total fine (including costs and victim surcharge) of £6825.85 each.


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