CLiK survey sent to randomly selected households

Image of people silhouettes from CLiK survey poster

One in five randomly selected households will receive a CLiK survey this Summer.

Image of people silhouettes from CLiK survey poster

Together with the two Kirklees Clinical Commissioning Groups we have developed a survey to help us understand your health and well-being needs.

This will be the the fifth time we have carried out a similar survey in the region.

What we learnt from the 2012 survey

  1. The number of people saying that they are suffering from depression, anxiety or other nervous illness are going up.  One in five people reported a mental health problem
  2.  Although one in five residents still smoke, smoking rates are going down (particularly among 45-64 year olds)
  3. Whilst lots of people are likely to drink more alcohol than they should;  only around one out of five people is concerned about the amount of alcohol they consume
  4. Nine out of ten people do at least some moderate exercise each week, although physical activity levels are going down among 18-44 year olds
  5. Less people reported suffering from heart disease and high blood pressure

What is the impact of the CLiK survey

Information from the last CLiK survey helped us to create the new Smokefree Service and our Expert Patients Programme. The information was also used to develop Auntie Pam’s (which provides pregnancy and parenting support in Dewsbury and Huddersfield).

What people tell us through the CLiK survey helps us to understand the health and well-being of the people living across Kirklees. Over time we can monitor the changes in what people tell us to see whether what we are doing is making a difference.  We can also find out which groups are most in need of help and support.

When will the surveys go out

The 2016 surveys will go out from the end of June.

Responses to the survey are anonymous and will not be used to identify individuals.

For more information visit the survey webpage


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