58,000 registrations for new waste centre permit

Men discussing bottle at HWRC - Tip Permits

From 11 July, we are launching a new permit scheme for household waste and recycling centres in the district.Men discussing bottle at HWRC - Tip Permit

Under the new scheme you will need to register your household vehicle to use waste centres, which means the registration plate becomes the permit number.

You can register ahead of the launch using the council’s website and over 58,000 vehicles have been registered so far. Registration takes around five minutes and each household can register up to two vehicles.

People without internet access can register by visiting a customer service centre, or by using a computer in a local library. Friends or relatives can also register on their behalf as long as they have all their details.

Cllr David Sheard, Leader of the Council, said: “We’re introducing a simpler online system where households register their vehicles to use our sites, so people no longer need to remember to bring a printed permit with them. The new scheme also means that only people living in Kirklees use our centres and that sites are not used illegally by companies disposing of trade waste. We’re encouraging as many people as possible to register before 11 July which will save time when people visit our sites.”

How to register for a tip permit

To register you’ll need your name, address, email address and the registration number of the vehicle, plus the make and model.

Cars will get immediate confirmation of registration while large vehicles can take around three days. To register a large vehicle the owner will also need a copy of the V5 vehicle registration document.

From 11 July staff at recycling and waste centres will check vehicle registration numbers on a tablet computer. As long as you’re registered you’ll be able to unload your vehicle as normal.

You can register to use the tip here

Check out our FAQ article


  • Hi

    You can amend your details by using the following form.amend/update your tip permit



  • I reg my red Volvo car by email in June permit No HWRC13663232
    However I made an error when typing the car reg no:
    I used O (letter ) instead of 0 ( number ) and this is causing me trouble when trying to
    enter the tip. How do I rectify this D.G.Cole

  • Hi Douglas

    Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding, I have passed your question on to the customer service team to look into.



  • Hi Joan.

    Apologies for the delay in responding. I’ve passed your comment on to my customer service colleagues, they will reply directly to you.


  • Absolute shambolic !!
    Registered for my permit back in late May & only find today when I visited Birstall that your contractors say it’s invalid. After 30 minutes on the phone to the Kirklees contact centre where surprise, surprise no one in the wast team would speak to their Customers that some ‘system’ fault exists that’s wiped details from their system as my address doesn’t exist. Apparently this is one of number of known issues.
    This was supposed to be simply, save our council tax – Cllr Sheard – you need to take note & ensure our money isn’t wasted again. Simply pro-active management of the sites by your appointed contractors to ensure only Kirklees residents use our resources would have saved so much more cash !!

  • Because my car is small I occasionally get friends or family memberswho are staying with me and who have larger cars,to take larger items to the recycling centre — perhaps once a year, not always the same person and not local. In the past, if they were questioned, they could show my permit. What happens now?

  • john stuart walker

    good idea

  • Douglas Roberts

    I have been told at the recycling centre at Ravensthorpe I am not registered. I registered on the 26ty May 2016 and received a confirmation of registration on 27th May 2016. My permit no is HWRC1321644. I would appreciate a reply . Do I have to re-apply for registration.

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