Local democracy roadshow – join the debate

people and local places

people and local places

Local democracy is about being part of the decisions that affect our everyday lives. It’s about what happens on our street, in our neighbourhoods and across Kirklees. It’s important because it affects all of us.

The Kirklees Democracy Commission are working with our citizens and others to take a health check on our local democracy. We’d like you to be part of helping to design a strong and healthy local democracy in Kirklees, for the next generation and beyond.


Join the debate

Join the debate

We want to know what would make your everyday experience of local democracy better. What would make it easier for you to participate in local decision-making, and what would encourage you to feel involved?

Our debate will be focused on three key themes: Councillors, Decision-making and Elections. You can take part in one of our local democracy roadshow events happening across Kirklees, take part in our e-panel survey or join the debate online. There will be opportunities for online participation alongside every event, including a series of public inquiries which will be webcast.


Local democracy roadshow – register now


For more info:

Democracy in Kirklees

Visit: www.democracycommission.org.uk

Email us: kirkleesdemocracy@gmail.com

or follow @kirkdemocracy on twitter



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