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Comoodle is sharing stuff, space and skills
Have you heard about Comoodle? It’s basically about making the best use of our stuff, space and skills by lending things to each other and by sharing what we know.

We’ve started sharing through Comoodle (loaning sports equipment and vans for example) – and local organisations and businesses are getting involved too. But it will only work if we all have a good understanding of what we can offer each other, and what we need to get good things done. So it will only work if you are part of it.

Interested? We currently need your help with 2 things…

Anyone can take part although we’re particularly interested in people from Kirklees organisations who have things to share or who want to borrow from others.

1. Take part in Comoodle user testing

We’ve started building the new Comoodle website and we’re asking for volunteers to put some of our early ideas through their paces and give us feedback.

Right now we’re looking for people who are interested in borrowing or lending through Comoodle, to take part in a one-to-one User Testing session on Wednesday 27th July or Thursday 28th July 2016. Your session will last around an hour, at a place that suits you.

We are also looking for remote testers where you will work through a set of questions on your own, using your own computer or other device, and then send us your feedback.

More info and sign up for user testing

2. Creative workshops – tell us what would work for you

Whether you’ve only just found out about Comoodle or been interested since the beginning, we need your help and ideas so that you/your organisation can share easily, to help local communities.

We have 2 workshops coming up:

  • Dewsbury Town Hall, 10am to 12 noon on Saturday 30th July
  • Huddersfield Methodist Mission, 6pm to 8pm on Monday 1st August

More info and book a creative workshop place

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