Watch out for the yellow fish!

children painting a yellow fish on the kerbstone

We are working with Kaye’s First and Nursery School in Huddersfield on a pilot project to reduce water pollution – using yellow fish.

Group launch yellow fish campaign

The project is based on a national campaign to reduce pollutants being poured down road drains.

Children will go out into their local community to paint yellow fish on the kerbstones above road gulleys.

They then deliver leaflets to local residents to tell them why the yellow fish is there.

The message behind the campaign is that only rain should go down the drain. The leaflets explain how surface water drains and sewers usually end up in local rivers, so any chemicals or oils that are put down the drains can result in pollution of the river and harm wildlife.

The idea was the brainchild of local resident Phil Slater. He approached us and the school and we agreed to try it out.

What the adults think about the yellow fish

Cllr Peter McBride, Cabinet Member for Place, said: “We all know that pollution is bad for the environment, but we don’t always consider the impact of the things that get flushed down the road drains.

“This project will educate the next generation about the impact of chemicals ending up in our rivers and in turn help them persuade the wider community to stop disposing of things in this way.”

Helen Parker, head teacher of Kaye’s First and Nursery, said: “It’s a pleasure to have been selected to be involved in such an important project. Our Year 4 children were due to learn about rivers, so it was perfect timing.

“The children were so engaged and gained a real understanding of environmental needs and the need to spread the message to family and friends.

“The children informed the rest of the school during an assembly and in the new school year we plan to get more children actively involved and spread the message even wider.

“This could be the start of something really big for Kirklees. For Kaye’s to have been involved from the very start is a great honour.”

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