Tackling electoral fraud

Adrian Lythgo

Adrian Lythgo, shares his thoughts on national independent report on electoral fraud.  The report was published by the Cabinet Office on 12 August 2016.

electoral fraud story - Adrian Lythgo

Last year the government asked Sir Eric Pickles MP to recommend changes on how the government can improve elections. This was after a court judgement against Tower Hamlets council,  and the disqualification of their elected mayor.

Over the past year returning officers, the police, experts and stakeholders have shared their views on electoral fraud. Adrian Lythgo, provided a written submission to Sir Eric Pickles as part of the review.

Sir Eric Pickles’ report is called ‘Securing the Ballot’. The report makes recommendations that aim to make the electoral system more secure.

Mr Lythgo commented:

“I welcome that the recommendations reflect a number of concerns and suggestions made as part of my submission as Returning Officer.

“Some of the recommendations for elections are already in place within Kirklees and I am keen to see an introduction of the requirement for voters to produce personal identification at polling stations, a change of legislation in the way political campaigners handle postal votes, abolishing ‘permanent’ postal votes and a strengthening of the Electoral Commission’s Code of Conduct in line with legislation.

“In the meantime we continue to work with the Cabinet Office, the Electoral Commission and the Police to improve the integrity of the electoral system in the Kirklees area.”

Prime Minister Theresa May now has the report and the government will now consider the recommendations.



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