Feel good, give back and clean up

Tile that says feel good, give back

The ultimate feel good activity is taking place at Castle Hill on Friday 16 September.

Tile that says feel good, give back

Take the morning off to experience the fresh air, and great views that the Iron Age Hill fort has to offer.

Whilst you are there get that inner glow that only giving back provides, by helping to collect litter left after the busy summer season.

Over 8,000 visitors have made their way up to Victoria Tower since Easter and by litter picking you can help make the experience a pleasure for many more.

The feel good litter pick is on Friday 16 September from 10 am to 12 noon and is open to everyone.

Gloves and litter pickers will be provided.

Castle Hill Ranger Julian Brown said: “Throughout the summer season volunteers and local students have helped litter pick on Castle Hill. We are extremely grateful to volunteers who come and litter pick and to those who use the bins or take their litter home. It can make all that difference for visitors and wildlife too”.

How to get involved in this feel good activity

Anyone interested in taking part please contact Julian Brown, Castle Hill Ranger on 07968 426312.


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