Paralympic Lantern Goes on Display

Paralympic lantern

An official Paralympic Lantern has gone on display at the Huddersfield Leisure Centre.

The display marks the start of the Paralympic Games in Rio.

The lantern was used during the London 2012 games and was carried as part of the regional lantern relay.

During the London Paralympics the regional torch relay used lanterns to carry the flame.

The lantern on show has since been used at events around Kirklees. The events help promote and get people involved in disabled sport and physical activity.

Paralympic lantern

4 facts about the Paralympic Lantern

  1. The lanterns keep the flame alight throughout the relay.  They can also be used to relight the torch if it blows out.
  2. The main flame is then lit by all the lanterns which have been in the relay around the host country.
  3. A ‘Heritage Flame’ is also lit at Stoke Mandeville.  Stoke Mandeville is the birthplace of the Paralympic movement.  The heritage flame is also sent to the host city.
  4. All are then joined together to light the cauldron during the opening ceremony.

Placing the flame in the art gallery is part of an Arts Council funded project called ‘Sustainable Collections’. The project will see objects from the museum’s collections displayed in new and unexpected places around the area, linking current events and people’s lives to the area’s rich heritage.


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