Mystery of the Vanishing Professor – Museum’s at Night

Museum's at Night

Our very own Bagshaw Museum in Batley will be celebrating ‘Museum’s at Night’ by taking visitors into the brilliant world of Steam Punk and the ‘Vanishing Professor’.

Museum's at Night, The Vanishing Professor

The museum will be the setting for ‘The Mystery of the Vanishing Professor” with a Steam Punk theme.

If you didn’t know, Steam Punk is a form of science fiction which draws on alternative versions of Victorian history and the American Wild West. It imitates how those cultures might have envisaged the future and features retro-futuristic inventions inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery.

The play, which is set in the year 1886, starts outside the museum. It will then will move inside and around the building giving you an exciting tour of the grounds. The play ends with the chance to enjoy a nice bit of tea and cake in the Long Gallery where all will be revealed.

As a guest you will have the chance to try and work out what has happened to the professor and who is responsible.  You can even get immersed in the atmosphere by dressing in Steam Punk attire, and there’ll be an opportunity for photos with the cast at the end of the performance.

Get your tickets

Tickets for this event, which starts at 6pm on Saturday 29 October 2016 are £8 (with the tea and cake included) and are available from Bagshaw Museum, Wilton Park, Batley. Advanced booking is essential and this event is not suitable for under 12s.

Further information on the vanishing professor

For further information please contact Linda Levick, Heritage Manager. Telephone: 01924 324765 or email:

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