Local Plan moves to next stage

Kirklees Council has agreed to put a revised Local Plan – including changes made following public consultation – for assessment by a government inspector.

A full council meeting was held to agree whether it could move to the next stage, which includes another public consultation.

Factors considered in the proposals are the mix of housing needed in future, affordability, the need for land for economic use to meet jobs and economic growth targets, protection of green belt and land for open space, leisure areas and retail needs. It provides land for 31,000 new homes with key sites at Bradley, Dewsbury south and Chidswell.

The public consultation held at the end of 2015 was the biggest ever managed by Kirklees Council, with almost 6,000 people making 17750 comments.

The next consultation period will begin in November, before assessment by a government inspector.


  • You would struggle to put together a more unsound plan than this. Traffic at a standstill, insufficient services, loss of green space, etc, etc. Unfortunately I think the pressure from central government coupled with the nefarious goings on of the Labour council will push this stinking stool of an effort through. Make a sentence of the following words – handcart, in a, hell

  • Bradley Road is already extremely busy and could not cope with any more traffic.

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