fireworks and lanterns ban at Castle Hill

sparkler, fireworks, lantern, bonfire night, castle hill

Don’t forget that using fireworks and Chinese lanterns on council land is against the law.  This includes Huddersfield’s iconic landmark Castle Hill.

sparkler, fireworks, lantern, bonfire night, castle hill

It is  illegal to set off fireworks on any highway, street, or public place.  And, now a new local bylaw means it is also illegal to release Chinese lanterns on Castle Hill, or in any other council owned park.

Floating lanterns can be deadly for local wildlife, and livestock.  There have been a number of cases where animals have had to be put down,  due to parts of a lantern’s metal frame being digested and tearing through their internal organs.  Fireworks and lanterns can also damage buildings, and crops.

Last year the council collected 80 bin liners of fireworks and associated litter after bonfire night – despite asking people not to set off fireworks.

As it is a great vantage point over the surrounding area you can visit Castle Hill to watch firework displays taking place elsewhere.  However we are concerned that people putting on their own shows on the hill are putting other people at risk.

If this continues to be a problem,  in future, we may have no choice but to block vehicular access to the Hill during the period.



  • Good!!! Its about time those Chinese Lanterns were banned for good!!! Perhaps if the Council had a public display of fireworks like other councils have and charge a gate price then people wont buy their own fireworks to litter areas and cut down on the stress to the wildlife.

  • It’s a great pity it’s taken so long to reach this point, but at least it’s now been done. Thank you!

  • My dog picked up a used firework last week on Castle Hill and almost choked, it is very dangerous as users just leave the remnants there.

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