One in Every Family:  local stories from WW1

We are unlocking the hidden stories of everyday people during World War One – in our One in Every Family Exhibition.

One in every family - WW1 soldier

We have gathered stories from local people, and will be displaying them in bus and train stations across Kirklees.

One in Every Family is a Kirklees Community Heritage project. Over the next couple of months, 20 different posters telling the stories of local people during WW1 will be on display for commuters to read.

After the war, many families never spoke about what happened to them.  Instead, they chose to put it behind them and carry on, in a typical British way.  However, those taking part in this project have discovered that their ancestors all had special stories to tell.

The stories on the posters include couples that met and fell in love in military hospitals as well as the experiences of munitions workers and medics.

Other tales are about conscientious objectors, then of course there are the families that were plunged into poverty by the death of a husband and father.

All these people’s lives were changed utterly by the war, and mostly away from the battlefield.

More about the One in Every Family Exhibition

The first posters will go on display in Huddersfield Bus Station on Friday 18 November, which commemorates the end of the First Battle of the Somme, which began on 1 July 1916.

Mayor of Kirklees, Cllr Jim Dodds opened the exhibition on 18 November at 2pm. Cllr Dodds has contributed a story of his own about his grandfather Alexander Dodds.

We are also looking for other places to display the posters, and share the stories of these special people.  Anyone who has a space to display a poster should contact Isobel Holland on

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