Waste being removed from Lockwood tip

Tonnes of waste are now being moved from the former Hunter’s tip in Lockwood.

moving the waste at Lockwood

Our contractors  have begun shifting the waste to allow firefighters to tackle the fire.

Cllr Naheed Mather, Cabinet Member for Housing and Enforcement Management, said:

“We need to move the waste first so we can get to the heart of the smouldering fire. Removing the waste is a time consuming process.

“Before any waste leaves the site it will be checked to make sure it’s not hazardous. If it is, we will put it to one side to deal with appropriately and if the waste is hot or smouldering, we will extinguish it.

“The Fire Service will place a fire engine on site during the operations to make sure that any flare ups are quickly tackled. This shows the significant public resources that are being put into resolving this.”

There is around 11,000 tonnes of rubbish to be removed. This is the same as over 45,000 wheelie bins.

Cllr Mather added:

“The main start on site has happened this week because we have had to spend more time than we thought making sure we understand where all the water will go. To do this we have tracked where the water goes by using a special dye.

“This is important as we want to avoid water flowing into the river, and to try to stop any water used controlling fires from flooding nearby roads.  This is especially important as we head into winter where the water may freeze into ice.

“We have also had to do a lot of things to reverse the damage done by the previous occupant.”




  • The former hunter ‘s site has had it licence taken from them but that’s the point though the kmc should have dealt with this earlier

  • I still feel very strongly that the eventual total cost should be put before the judge at some time for additional consideration of punishment meeting the crime when the cost are known. Failure to put this forward will give the green light to other owners who are not responsible people for such an important job.
    The person responsible for checking these sites for the Kirkees Council may well be just another overworked employee and should not used as a scapegoat if this is the case. If not then it is only fair and reasonable that a new person is put into place with an extremely detailed set of rules given to them and then there would be a diffinitive action available in the even of catistropic failure like the Hunters site.

  • That’s good news

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