Kirklees Ofsted report – what does it mean and what next? (video)

kirklees ofsted response video

Following the recent Kirklees Ofsted report, Cllr Erin Hill has answered some of your questions about the findings and what we’re doing next. Watch our video to hear what she has to say.

Last week Ofsted  published their Kirklees Ofsted report after visiting us in September and October 2016 and we made an initial statement about the results.

The video is just under 5 mins and the questions we ask are below. If you’re interested in hearing her answer a specific question just click on the question  or watch from the time given in brackets.

What does the Kirklees Ofsted report mean for us? (0.04)
Are children or young people in danger? (1.43)
How long will it take to improve the service? (2.32)
How can we ensure staff that are here now are able to take this forward? (3:32)

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