Comoodle van lent to The Welcome Centre

Comoodle helps residents and organisations to share their stuff, space and skills to benefit the community. They recently lent  The Welcome Centre a van on a long term loan.

comoodle van

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The Welcome Centre offers practical support to individuals and family who are in crisis. They give out 150 to 200 crisis packs out per week. The packs include food, toiletries, bedding, household items and warm clothes

Supplies from The Welcome Centre

Since the pilot of Comoodle back in 2015, The Welcome Centre has been a key part in the process. They’ve helped  the Comoodle team to understand the day-to-day practicalities of voluntary work and how Comoodle could help.

comoodle van from behind

Transport is a big issue for many community groups in Kirklees. Now, thanks to our Transport Services team, Comoodle can loan vans and other vehicles.

Emma Greenough, Marketing Worker for The Welcome Centre said:

“Over the last few years we have worked hard to develop new partnerships with local food organisations. These include Greggs, Sainsbury’s and more recently via the Neighbourly Project – Marks and Spencer’s.

A team of volunteers and our driver to collect food that was due for landfill, five days a week. And,  the van has enabled us to collect larger quantities more efficiently.”

Emma also added:

“Since we took on our second site in Lockwood earlier this year to store our donations, the Lord Street centre now holds only two weeks of stock.

This has made for a much improved working environment for our staff and volunteers. It has enabled us to make significant changes to our client area also. It would not have been a success without our Comoodled van, which is used daily moving our stock to meet demand.”

The vans have already been used for over 30 community activities.  The vans have also helped almost 20 organisations to do more to support local communities.

Councillor Graham Turner, Cabinet Member for resources said:

“Comoodle has already been able to help our communities in lots of different ways by encouraging people to share stuff, space and skills. The Transport Services team at Kirklees council have been real trail-blazers for this work.

I’d like to thank our staff who have really embraced the idea of Comoodle and are working hard to find new ways of working with community organisations. For example, when the Fusion charity’s Mirfield warehouse was hit by the Boxing Day floods last year, our Transport Services team were incredibly helpful, not only in finding the right kind of vehicle but in organising special terms for an extended loan.”

Cllr Turner added:

“We know that we need many more organisations to get involved in sharing stuff, space and skills if Comoodle is going to be able to carry on making a difference for local people. So we’re creating a new version of our Comoodle web site, which will make it much easier for anyone who would like to help. Groups, individuals and businesses will be able to quickly publish details of what they’d like to share and talk with members of community groups about what they need.”

Want a Comoodle van?

Request a Comoodle van, or any other vehicle to support community activities in Kirklees from Comoodle’s website.

Get ‘Comoodling’:

Visit Comoodle’s website to learn more about their project. From a Christmas Tree stand, to a projector, to a Comoodle van – Comoodle has something to benefit all communities.

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