How our funding is changing

You’ll know by now that we are in the process of balancing the books for the future.

Our Councillors have to agree our budget and this time they will be taking decisions on plans for the next four years.

This comes at a time when funding from central government to is reducing.

At the moment we spend our money in the following ways: Funding: Where does the money go? £243M schools, £143M adults, £121M benefits, £60M children and families, £31M public health, £19M bins nd cleaning streets, £9M libraries and customer service, £9M supporting local communities and leisure, £6M parks and open sapces

But our funding is changing.  So between now and 2021  the government grant will almost disappear and funding will have to come from council tax and business rates.

Where we get funding from will change like this:


The council will set its budget in Spring 2016.

Have a go at setting the budget yourself with our budget simulator


  • Hi Colin

    We don’t have all that information readily to hand, but you can make a request for the information we do hold via freedom of information.

    The senior salaries are published on our website:



  • I read the Budget report for Councillors.
    I like to say that the top 3 should have been _
    Benefits due to high unemployment
    Public Health
    Care to Elderly
    What they are doing is that they are reducing the Budget from the most in need Services

  • What is the cost each year of providing pension payment for retired Kirklees Employees AND current Employees?
    Can you provide a general breakdown of average salaries per sector – for eg refuse collectors?
    Can you provide a list of people/job title that earn above a set amount – say £50000 per year?
    What is the Council’s current attendance rate each year compared to other Authorities and the National Average?

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