Superfast West Yorkshire

Local businesses could benefit from the second phase of superfast broadband in West Yorkshire.

Superfast West Yorkshire is a partnership between the five West Yorkshire local authorities and York.

£19.5 million of new investment is being used to improve coverage and access to superfast fibre broadband across West Yorkshire over the next two years.

Locations expected to be included in this phase of the roll out include business parks, inner city and suburban areas not currently served by a fibre broadband network.

The programme has received £7.3 million of funding from the England European Regional Development Fund as part of the ESIF Growth Programme 2014-2020.

It has also received Government funding from Broadband Delivery UK, part of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, and BT.

By the end of the two phases more than 100,000 premises are expected to have access to fibre broadband.

Upgrading the digital infrastructure within the Kirklees district will help businesses grow and develop by exploiting the enhanced digital connectivity.

This will help them improve their performance, competitiveness and productivity and in turn increase their capacity, to employ more people and invest in skills and capital.

Business benefits to having superfast broadband

  • faster, more reliable internet
  • the ability to upload and download large files
  • equipping your business for a digital future, getting ahead of the competition
  • being able to access newer technology such as the Cloud
  • improve your online presence through digital marketing and social media tools.

How to access superfast broadband

To upgrade to superfast fibre broadband, check availability to see whether your home or business can be upgraded.

Contact your chosen Internet Service Provider or shop around for the best deals available

If you are unable to receive a fibre broadband service in your area, keep up to date with the latest programme news and register for e-alerts.

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  • We work from home and are the next to the end of a line. We are ‘semi rural’ but very close to Thornhill, Dewsbury. Our broadband is sporadic and usually when we need to send an urgent email it is slow. We are unable to download films without causing our supply to be patchy, or we have to do it overnight. We are very frustrated as we have upgraded our lines internally but the telephone line from the box in the village(which I understand has fibre to it!) is very old and has many connections on it which are old and rusty ( according to an open reach Engineer on one of their many visits). On wet and windy days our service can drop out constantly, during calls and banking which is a nightmare. Desperately seeking help! Hoping we are included in this super fast fibre roll out but I doubt it. So near yet so far……

  • Fantastic new re superfast fibre but i suspect we will not benefit as we are too far away feom our local exchange (typically the last in the area to be done). Having been on the internet since dial up days I can see the same speeds now, and the inability to download anything of any size, as I did in the early 90s. A lot of hot air and empty promises for places like our village.

  • Robin Widdowson

    We, the Creative Economy Team are researching creative business assets available across the district. This includes the digital infrastructure network that we want to illustrate on a map. Superfast West Yorkshire is a fantastic project and I wonder if you have a key contact within the organisation who is dealing with this please

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