Kirklees Council website and phone issues

UPDATE – 30 December 2016:

Our main phone lines are now working.  If you call 01484 221000 and ask for the service you want then a customer service officer will try to help you.

Examples of areas you can ask for are: Bins, Benefits, Council tax, or Housing Repairs.

Please be aware that lines are likely to be busy. 

We are continuing to carry out some testing on our other systems, including the website. We will bring these back online as soon as possible, but some systems may not be fully functional straight away. Some services may also take longer than others to bring back online.

Thank you for your patience so far,  please continue to bear with us whilst we get everything back to normal. 

We are experiencing problems with our Kirklees Council website, emails and telephone lines. We are working hard to fix this and to get services back to normal as soon as possible.  In the meantime we appreciate your patience.

General calls

If your call isn’t urgent please contact us when services are back to normal.

Carephone Service

Our Carephone service is unaffected and working as normal.

Waste and Recycling

Please refer to the collection date calendar that you received before Christmas for your next bin collection dates.

You can also call 01484 221000 and ask for ‘bins’ to find out your collection date.

Opening times for household waste recycling centres

Weekdays: 8am to 4pm

Saturday: 8am to 4pm

Sunday: 9am to 4pm

New Year’s Day – Closed

Staying safe in winter weather

Whilst our phone lines and web sites are unavailable it is even more important that we make sure older and vulnerable residents are looked after.  We would be very grateful if you could check in on your neighbours or relatives at this time to make sure they have everything they need.

More advice on staying safe this winter

Housing repairs

KNH have now contacted the majority of those customers where repairs appointments were missed over the last few days. The repairs service is working hard to get back on track and would like to thank customers for their continued patience and cooperation. The telephone number to report a repair (01484 414800) is now working as normal.

Council/KNH tenants with an emergency housing repair can call 01484 414850
Emergencies are classed as anything that causes an immediate threat to your health and safety or the structure of your home.

Registering a birth or death

If you need an appointment to register a birth or death please call 07976194308 between 9am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Concerned about the safety or care of a child or vulnerable adult

If you have a safeguarding concern about a child or vulnerable adult
please call 01484 414933.

If a child or adult is in immediate danger please contact the relevant emergency service.

Please only contact the numbers above is absolutely necessary, as lines are likely to be very busy.

We will update this page as and when we have more information.


  • When are you putting up details of todays (Fri) bin collection areas.Had no leaflet or email regarding Christmas collections.

  • I last had my grey bin emptied on 15th December. I can’t find out anywhere when it will next be emptied. I don’t drive so can’t go to tip. Neither have I been left or received a new calendar leaflet for 2017 refuse collection days. I’m not allowed to put bin on Road too early but then I might miss a collection as nowhere can I find out when my bin will be emptied. Please will someone tell me. I am in Holmfirth. Thank you.

  • Many thanks Susie that is very helpful.

  • Hi. Our communial bins are full to overflowing (Lowerhouses) Nomal collection was due on Monday (Bank Holiday) and Lowerhouses is marked for Wednesday (yesterday) but they are still full. Our inside rubbish bin is full with nowhere to put it. It also seems some people are filling the green bin with normal rubbish now.

  • Hi Dave,

    Thanks for getting in touch. I will let them know about this.

    Kind regards


  • I need to make a comment about a planning application before the deadline of 1st January 2017 but cannot access.Probably post is too slow now.
    Please pass to planning to expect and MOST OF ALL ACCEPT a comment from mr Shaw regarding 2016/93923 late.

  • Well done Susie for answering all the questions and keeping us posted!

  • Hi Alan

    The problems we are experiencing were caused by a significant power failure, that damaged an essential part of our network and cut off our connection to the wider world. Our network and systems have remained secure throughout.



  • Hi Alan,

    Apologies for the delay. I’m trying to get answers before I make comments live, it is easier for me to keep track of which ones need responding to that way, and I don’t want to miss anyone.



  • Hi Debra.

    You should of had a leaflet in the post, apologies if you didn’t receive one. To help, we’ve put some information on our website detailing which areas we are collecting in today. If the system isn’t working tomorrow I will update this for next week.



  • Hi Rachel

    As long as you are only disposing of household waste, you just need to take your driving license or council tax bill (with a Kirklees address on). If you explain that you can’t get on the system to register they should let you in.



  • How do we register to take waste to the tip – or can we show up for now?

  • Hi Darren,

    Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience, We hope that the systems will be working soon. Once everything is back on line we will update this page.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Kind regards


  • Hi Kate

    We are advising people to use the household waste recycling centres when possible. Even if you don’t have a permit as long as you are taking household waste in a standard sized car, they will let you in this week. However, Please take your driving license or a council tax bill for a Kirklees address with you; and explain to the officers on site that you haven’t been able to apply for a permit due to the website problem.



  • Hi Julie.

    Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience. We are working hard to get all our systems up and running, we will update this page as soon as we have more information.



  • Hi Moona,

    We are still working on getting our systems up and running, hopefully you will be able to do this online soon.



  • Hi Nikki,

    It would be up to the service to define if they consider this an emergency, if you feel that it is, then you could try and get through on the emergency number. We are still working on getting our lines open, so you may be able to get through on the regular repairs line soon.



  • It’s no use telling us to refer to leaflets about bin collections when we haven’t got them

  • How long will it take for comments to be moderated? My wife sent a separate one re a recycling permit early this morning and it is still being moderated?

  • Hi Wendy,

    If you can email your name and address details to I will pass it on so someone to respond to you direct.



  • What is the cause of the failure please? I trust the system has not been hacked and people’s personal details are not at risk? Thank you.

  • Please help!
    There’s a huge black spider in my bathtub but i can’t get through to the ‘Kirklees council big hairy spider removal hotline’ . Please help me as its giving me a funny look and i cant go for a wee!!!

  • Are you behind with housing benefit? The last payment was 9th December

  • I Lost my bk door key the only 1 I was ever given so I can’t lock it at all would it be classed as a emergency repair

  • Hi Hanna, We are working hard to get things back up and running. Thank you for being patient, we will update this site as soon as we know more.



  • Hi Marie,

    We are working hard on getting services online as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience, we will update this site as soon as we know more.



  • Hi
    I need to order some bins for my new property. How can i do this now please?

  • just asking how am i supposed to pay rent n council tax,,i need to pay 2wks

  • Hi Tracey

    We are working hard to get the system on line as soon as possible. However, if you need to talk to someone urgently you could visit one of our customer service centres – I’ve added the addresses below:
    Dewsbury Customer Service Centre – The Walsh Building, Town Hall Way, Dewsbury, WF12 8EE
    Huddersfield Customer Service Centre – Civic Centre 3, Market Street, Huddersfield, HD1 2YZ
    Batley Library & Information Centre – Market Place, Batley, WF17 5DA
    Cleckheaton Library & Information Centre – Whitcliffe Road, Cleckheaton, BD19 3DX
    Birstall Library and Information Centre – Market Street, Birstall, Batley, WF17 9EN

    Hope that is some help, and thank you for your patience.


  • need to talk to housing benefit before we get evicted, when will the phone lines be working again?????????

  • Hi I have recently moved to the area. I have extra waste from Christmas but am unable to get a waste permit because of the it problems. Will this be collected with my normal collection which is not for another week?


  • My smoke alarm is beeping periodically I no that means batteries need changing .this is very annoying.any update on website or phone

  • Any idea when your gonna be back online as we pay our rent online and can’t do so yet cos of this problem don’t particularly want to be getting a arrears letter when we have the money to pay it isn’t our fault it’s annoying

  • Care phone alerts are being answered as normal but the appointments calendar is not accessible. Apologies to anyone due to have equipment installed.

  • I didn’t receive a calendar for when bins will be emptied. My neighbour tells me that because our collection day is monday the first collection day we will have after the 19th December will be the 9th January. I hope this isn’t the case as both bins are groaning at the seams already and won’t last another 12 days! Monday is a bad collection day as you are missed every bank holiday. Sometimes we do get a collection but as we don’t know about it a large number of tennants don’t put their bins out. HELP!!!!

  • Any update on when this issue is expected to be resolved?

  • Hi Rebecca, I can’t get in touch with the crews either, however we know teams are working where possible so hopefully they will get out to you. However if not someone will be in touch to rearrange as soon as the system is back up and running. If the repair is an emergency you can try calling 01484 414850, however this line is likely to be busy so you may need to keep trying.

    Apologies for any inconvenience.


  • Hi Steph

    If you have an emergency repair then you can contact the team on 01484 414850. This line is likely to be very busy but please keep trying.



  • Hi Andrew

    I’m afraid not, we are still working hard to resolve the issue, we will update this post as soon as we know more.



  • Hi Simon,

    The areas we are collecting from today and tomorrow are now on the post. Anywhere else will be receiving a collection next week.

    Hope that helps



  • Hi Dawn, unfortunately we can’t get in contact with the teams – hopefully they will be in a position to carry out work as planned. However, if not, I am sure they will be in touch as soon as systems are up and running to rearrange.

    Apologies for any inconvenience this situation has caused.



  • Hi I have a repair booked in for today for my boiler nobody has been and obviously can’t stop in touch with anyone to see what’s happening. Are repairs still been done today?

  • Are the phone lines working again? I’m trying to ring through to repairs

  • Any updates on when things will be back up and running? Thanks

  • Erm… I didn’t receive a bin collection calendar. I can’t reach the website so I am at a loss as to when to put out my bins. I guess the only thing I can do is put them both out and wait for them to be emptied 😞

  • I’m supposed to be having a gas service today, will that still go ahead?

  • Hi Asif

    We are working hard to resolve the problem. We will update this page as soon as we know more.



  • Hi Bill. Unfortunately all our IT systems are experiencing problems, some pages that worked earlier have since gone down as well. We are working hard to get these issues sorted as soon as possible.

    Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience.

    We will update this site once we have more information.



  • The whole point of wanting to contact the website is to find out when my bin will be emptied. I didn’t bother keeping the calendar because I am subscribed to your bin reminder service. Also the calendar can’t be that important because you aren’t going to be producing them any more. Then on Christmas Eve you decided to send out an email saying that bin reminders were going to be turned off over the Christmas period BECAUSE COLLECTIONS WERE GOING TO BE DIFFERENT. Hello, isn’t that more reason than ever to have the bin reminder service active? The email then referred users to a link on your website which didn’t work. Then yesterday you put out on twitter a post stating that the website had crashed, and providing yet another link that didn’t work.

    Hope the same person didn’t organise your Christmas party!!

  • What’s the latest in regards to this issue please as this is affecting the company I work for.

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