Local sport features on Bargain Hunt

Our Museums and Galleries expert Katina Bill will be appearing on Bargain Hunt on 3 March at 12.15pm on BBC1, sharing local collections with a wider audience on TV.

Curator Katina was invited to filming at Wetherby Racecourse to talk about the traditional Yorkshire sport of Knurr and Spell. She took along some objects from the collections at Tolson Museum in Huddersfield to show antiques expert, presenter Charlie Ross.

Katina said:

“It was fun to introduce Charlie to a whole new sport that he knew nothing about: he was so enthusiastic and fancied setting up a course for himself back home. I wonder how he got on? I hope that viewers will find it interesting, too.”

Knurr and Spell was very popular in the 1800s through to the early twentieth century and originated in Yorkshire. It is often seen as a poor-man’s version of golf. The Knurr, a small rounded piece of wood, is thrown in the air using a special trap and then hit with a long stick, or Spell.

Katina showed Charlie the equipment need to play the game, a set of Knurr making hand tools and Knurrs at different points in their manufacture, as well as a notebook keeping scores of matches dating from 1899 to 1916.

You can see Knurr and Spell objects, which also featured on BBC’s Countryfile a few years ago, on display at Tolson Museum, along with dog that chased after the Knurr, and now sits, proudly stuffed, in the gallery.

Missed the show – catch up on BBC iPlayer

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