Kirklees to trial new enforcement team to keep streets clean


Our Cabinet members will be asked next week to agree to a 12 month trial working with a private company to penalise littering, dog fouling and other offences.

If approved, the firm will take responsibility for issuing fixed penalty notices – the new service would supply staff, issue the tickets and follow up payment.

What would fines be issued for?

Offences that would be penalised under the new arrangements include:

  • littering and dropping cigarettes.
  • selling or repairing multiple vehicles on the highway.
  • displaying and distributing flyers and posters without permission
  • dog fouling
  • not having a dog on a lead where required.

The new company would be able to go across the district and would wear body cameras as they issue tickets.

The pilot would be cost positive for the council and any surplus money from fines would be shared between council and company – initially for the 12 month pilot in favour of the company.

Cabinet Member for Housing and Enforcement Management Cllr Naheed Mather said that where this has been done before, it has led to cleaner streets, a more pleasant environment and lower amounts of littering.

She added: “We have really considered the risks and benefits of involving a private company but feel the time is now right to take this next trial step.

“We do not have the numbers of staff that can cover the district ourselves, but the company will choose when and where to go and they will issue the notices.

“If members agree, then we will have an interim report in six months, but my expectation is that we will have the same levels of success as other areas have seen.”

An early payment reduction offer will be removed as part of the changes, as will an offer to attend a good citizen course instead of a fixed penalty.

If Cabinet agree at their meeting on Tuesday, work will begin to employ a company to carry out the new approach.



  • Understand your concern re Morrisons – maybe they should be encouraged to reduce their packaging and make it all recyclable …

  • If there’s no bin then people should take their rubbish home with them… Everyone has a bin outside their own house!

  • Great idea, if people behave anti socially then they should be fined, if you don’t want a fine behave responsibly, why not? The profits are a side issue. Someone needs to pay the enforcement officers.

  • So bins are disappearing from streets less litter pickers so let’s fine people for dropping litter does this make sense ?

  • Couldn’t agree more, sick to death of cleaning up other people’s disgusting mess from my garden and it’s dangerous to my Grankids if they slip on it and get it in their eyes, it’s every day nearly.

  • Sounds great. Hope the new company can crack down on cat cr*p too. Why are dogs being discriminated against? Is about time that the little purring industrial cr*pp*ng machines were brought under legislation too.
    Go for it Kirklees we love you!

  • At last. A couple of years ago dog walking was banned on playing fields. For a short spell after the ban Salendine Nook school fields were policed by the dog warden service and dog walking ceased. Gradually, people started to excercise dogs again and now it has become their normal route again. Let’s hope this initiative is confirmed.

  • An excellent idea which I hope will involve Meltham. We have lived here for 2.5 years and enjoy walking in the village and the area, but have been concerned at the increasing incidence of litter. This is a particular problem around Morrisons where packaging from the supermarket is discarded in its vicinity. We live nearby and get some of the rubbish either thrown or blown onto our property. Also more recently dog poo bags being thrown onto our land (unbelievable anybody would bother to bag it up then throw the bag!).

  • Although I agree with this initiative,will this company also issue tickets to the waste collection company, the reason I ask this is that week after week our lane is littered with rubbish from the waste bins that are emptied.
    This sounds like sour grapes, but the council should put their own house and workforce in order too.

  • I think this is a really good idea,round the Batley area there is dog fouling all over.also litter all over streets. I work at Arnclife road with people that have learning disabilities’ and are trying to live independently.they recently did litter picking in the cemetery due to people just throwing rubbish over there .so I support this.

  • Another way to increase income for the council and not encourage visitors to our town centre. A private company would not be doing this if they did not think there is the opportunity to issue a great deal of fines to Kirklees residents and visitors. The council needs to be reminded yet again that they are here to represent us.

  • I hope this will include Bradley park as at the moment you can not walk on any part of the park without getting large dog faeces on your shoes. And a health issue for young children and families.

  • I welcome this initiative and I think that the areas around our schools on Oxford Road, Staincliffe Road and Boothroyd Lane should be targeted first as children are the worse at littering. Children that litter grow into adults that litter. Maybe the headteachers should be made aware of what their children are doing on their way home from school.

  • Will the dropping of used cbewing gum be included in the definition of litteri ?

  • About time they dealt with all the dog foulers its everywhere that stuff and a danger to children

  • Sounds like a good idea I hope they go around staincliffe estate and healey in batley the dog fouling is everywhere it needs sorting I have lived in the area 50 years now and I have never seen it this bad

  • So more work put out to private companies. What is wrong with using their own staff for this task, instead of a private company who are only out for a profit for their shareholders and directors.


    Its a good idea. I do hope that no staff lose their jobs

  • Can you fine people who do DIV on their property and leave the scrap materials all over their garden. My next door neighbour has wood all over his front garden and it has been there for months

  • Chewing Gum don’t forget that it’s worse than cigarette buts.

  • Brilliant! Anything to reduce the amount of litter and improve the streets we live
    on is most welcome. Recently retired I like to have a daily walk and find certain routes are so much more uplifting than those which are uncared for and rather depressing.

  • Presumably this is being considered because of central government budget cuts and hence cuts to the council’s environmental service and staff… what’s betting the private company will pay the minimum wage and offer zero hours contracts. And so the privatisation and dismantling of public services commences…

  • I’m not convinced that the profit motive will necessarily work well on this issue. There will be those who get caught out and pay while others are cleverer and get away with it.

  • I think this initiative is welcomed however I hope it will be extended to Dewsbury town centre which seems to be largely forgotten. The beautiful gated arcade is not only an eyesore at the moment but also a health hazard. I believe this to be privately owned and the once beautiful grand gates that lead to quality shops are now locked and are full of bird droppings and rubbish. The location of this arcade being in the centre of town not only gives an impression of total neglect for the towns visitors and residents but also reflects badly on the council that allowed it to become such an eyesore. This topic is also a regular topic on social media and requires urgent attention.

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