Taxi driver guilty of driving without valid licence

Private Hire cab

Huddersfield man found guilty of driving a taxi without valid licence.

Mr Shahzad Akhtar of Burfitts Road, Oakes was found guilty of driving a Private Hire vehicle without holding a valid Private Hire Driving Licence and driving passengers in a private hire vehicle without adequate insurance on 1 February 2017 at Huddersfield Magistrates Court.

We gathered evidence that since his private hire driver’s licence expired, Mr Akhtar had carried out 228 jobs between March and May 2016.

Kirklees Council licencing team took Mr Akhtar to court and presented evidence of 8 separate specimen occasions when Mr Akhtar drove without a valid private hire driver’s licence and without valid insurance.

What was his sentence?

Mr Akhtar was found guilty of those offences and with fines and costs Mr Akhtar was ordered to pay £520. He was also given 8 penalty points on his driving licence for each insurance offence resulting in 64 points on his licence which, under the totting up rules, resulted in him being disqualified from driving for 2 years.

Cllr Cathy Scott Chair of the Licensing and Safety Committee said:

“Kirklees Licensing Team has a great relationship with its Taxi and Private Hire Drivers who work together to ensure the safety of the public.

We have a duty to ensure all licensed drivers are “fit and proper” to hold a licence, and licences that are granted are subject to regular renewals where checks of the individual’s suitability to continue drive a taxi or private hire vehicle  are carried out.

When individuals like this flout the rules the Licensing Team won’t hesitate to use the full force of the law to protect the public and the reputation of our legitimate Taxi and Private hire drivers. The fact that Mr Akhtar’s licenced had elapsed meant that any of his passengers would not  have been insured in the event of him having an accident”


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