Council approve 5% tax rise

Council tax in Kirklees will rise by nearly 5% – or just under £4 per month for a Band A household – from April.

There will be a rise of 2% in general spend, with the additional 3% for social care proposed by government.

However councillors have been warned that this will still not balance the books and reserves will be needed.

We still face savings of a further £50 million by 2021. In previous years, reserves have been used to smooth changes, but usable reserves have now fallen from £93 million to £42 million, with a further £26 million earmarked for use already.

This year, for the first time, the proposed budget will cover four years.

Cllr David Sheard, leader of Kirklees Council shares his views:

We face a massive financial challenge

“We have made significant savings – over £120m – through efficiencies and transformation, with further savings budgeted – but even after these are applied the scale of the financial challenge is massive. Kirklees is still the 8th worst funded council nationally, and the second worst funded Metropolitan council in the country per head of population.”

There will be a further reduction in services

“We have reduced services across all sectors – some more visible than others, for example changing the way we collect waste to save money. But we continue to face our most serious ever financial challenge so many more services will be reduced, removed or taken on by other people or organisations.

Government funding has been cut

“Past decisions taken in good faith are also now costing us. We were told that if we froze our council tax, a 0% rise for our residents, we would receive the cash we would have gained from a 2% increase. That money has not been added into the base budget, it was to come through grant and now that grant has been cut. It is costing us £14 million every year. Withdrawing revenue support grant will cost us £33 million over the next four years.

 Our plan for the future

“We will continue to invest in our priorities of making sure those most vulnerable are supported and we have obvious pressures in some areas like children’s services where the right thing to do is to continue to invest.

“But we must focus on our top priorities and do fewer things ourselves, with partners, volunteers or community groups taking on other services they want to keep.”


  • It’s only a £166,000 😉 They never ask for volunteers for these jobs do they!

  • The government are to blame for wrecking local services but Cllr Sheard and his cronies are quilty of making this worse for political reasons. No true labour politictian would burden ordinary working people in this way. Meanwhile the council is run in the same old way. A new chief exec shoe horned in with a nod and a wink this week for instance. Surely this salary could have been reduced and the job put outside the council to get some fresh ideas and enthusiasm rather than the same old cronyism and ineffective management? Here in Holmfirth kirklees labour politicians have ditched the civic hall to save money but that burden remains with the council tax payer anyway as the conservative parish council have nationalised it’s running costs! Happy days. In the real world residents are now cleaning road signs,picking up fly tipping and removing graffitti etc. All things we pay the council to do apparantly.

  • I have always thought that council tax is a waste of money. The sooner the whole bloody lot collapses the better.

  • No it is not true

  • This is a outrageous tax rise why is it that we get told that this and that is going to get fixed by council and it dose not get done but yet agen there is a rise in tax plus all amergancy services are getting cut or even shut down. What the hell are we even paying you for the council is useless!!

  • Hi Les

    Information on senior salaries in the council is available on our website:Senior council salaries



  • 5% is an unacceptable increase, their should be a maximum cap, to stop a lot of residents being ripped off. The fat pensions and salaries paid by the council should be the first stage of scrutiny!
    Not the ordinary residents of Kirklees who are struggling already, how much does the chief executive earn per year and his hanger-ons lets publish this in the press and in the circulars you send out.

  • I was told that the head of Kirklees is on £300,000 a year is this true
    Because if it is there is something definitely wrong with this no wonder our council tax is so high
    absolutely bloody ridicules

    Les Ewart

  • The tories have stated they proposed plans in the last two years which have been ignored by the labour council why is the labour council continuing to mismanage kirklees after all if this continues don’t think there will be a general election win for decades!

  • How are the pensioners cope with this l rise

  • I agree with the rise, we need to keep or try to keep some essential services.

  • This means that all of us are having to foot the bill because of Tory austerity cuts, which were justified in order to ‘balance the books’ after bankers crashed the economy in 2008 and had to be bailed out by the government.

    We need a radical Labour government that will pump £500 billion of investment into infrastructure, manufacturing and new industries to create the high tech, sustainable economy that will pay for high quality public services.

    Labour will also make sure that tax dodging corporations and the super rich pay their fair share in taxes, instead of being let off by their Tory mates, leaving ordinary people having to pay more.

    #ToryCuts v #LabourInvestment

  • I think you need to take a look at how hard your work force work . Like high ways no rush for them my goodness your tops at waisting money by not keeping a check on things . Tender always cost more money than getting on with your selves . Don’t waist our money it’s up to you to make it work harder. Ever viable business needs a good leader we’re is yours get on with it

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