Kirklees Rural District Committee: 25 February 2017

The Kirklees Rural District Committee’s next meeting is taking place on Saturday 25 February 2017 from 10 until 12 Noon at Longwood Mechanic’s Hall.

What will be discussed?

The Comoodle Project

The focus of the meeting will be Comoodle. The Comoodle Project wants to create a culture of sharing across Huddersfield so that we can help each other to do good things in our communities. This means making the best use of our stuff, space and skills by lending things to each other and sharing what we know and have.

comoodle image.png

Huddersfield Narrow Canal’s tow path

There will also be a presentation on what support Natural Kirklees can offer groups who are looking after open and green spaces in their area, and information on the proposals for Huddersfield Narrow Canal’s tow path.

canal tow path.png

Investment and funding in the community

The committee will also be deciding on investment funding in the community, including Marsden Skate Park, local bridleways, and community buildings.

They will also consider capacity building for community champions in mental health awareness & support, and opportunities to get involved in physical activity.

There will also be discussion on highway safety  – specifically around proposal to reduce speed limits on the main road through Kirkburton.


Find out more about the Committee Meeting

You can browse the official agenda, attendance and membership on our Democracy Kirklees website.

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