Dewsbury history pops up in Town Centre

We’ve ‘popped up’ a new exhibition in Dewsbury Town Hall to showcase the town’s history.  It celebrates the town’s textile heritage, famous people and civic life and has been funded by the Arts Council England Museum’s Resilience fund.

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Why have we ‘popped’ them up?

The exhibitions looks at Dewsbury’s past from the Industrial Revolution in the 1800s to its political history, visitors can also find about about local famous people including Dr Jane Walker – who founded the Medical Women’s Federation, Eileen Fenton – the first woman to finish the Daily Mail Cross-Channel Race and Sir John Simon – Dewsbury’s first MP.

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Where else have their been pop up exhibitions?

We are committed to getting museum collections out and about into the community.

Our Arts Council funded Sustainable Collections Project means we can create high profile displays and share collections with wider audiences in popular locations such as Dewsbury Town Hall, Huddersfield Leisure Centre and Huddersfield Railway Station.

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What do our Councillors think?

Councillor Graham Turner, Cabinet Member for Asset Strategy, Resources and Creative Kirklees said:

“We are excited to bring this display about Dewsbury right into the town centre so that many people can enjoy their heritage.  We want to tell the story of the people of Dewsbury, the industrial history, and how this created social and political change over the years.

We are delighted with how it looks and hope that visitors of all ages will enjoy sharing their memories and talking about how Dewsbury’s creativity inspires our lives today.

During our public engagement about museums last summer, people told us that they wanted us to do more things outside of museums, taking inspiring stories out in to communities.

“These collections belong to the people of Kirklees and we want a wider range of people to have the opportunity to enjoy them. The museums service is responding to the challenges of the council’s budget savings in a very creative way.”

When can I visit?

Dewsbury Town Hall is open from 8.45am-5pm, Monday to Friday and 8.45am-2pm on Saturday. To access the pop up display, you’ll need to ask at the ground floor reception desk and reception will buzz you through to the exhibition area – it will be on display until December 2017. You can find more information on Dewsbury Town Hall on the Kirklees website.


  • Hi Jason, as far as I know all our mayors portraits are already on display at Huddersfield Town Hall, there are also a number of portraits in Dewsbury Town hall so it may be we already have copies of these. However I will pass on your message for information.



  • Hi I have some very old photos for sale of Dewsbury in 1910 also I’ve 2 large pictures about 2and a half feet by 2 ft picture s of the Lord Mayor and maryress either 1910 or little later I will have to check and these items would be a great feature of history on display at Dewsbury town hall regards Jason hoban

  • A little more information in the ‘When can I visit’ paragraph such as the dates we can visit – would come in useful!

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