Next phase of works on Southgate site to begin

Work on the old Huddersfield Sports Centre site will begin w/c 13 March 2017, helping to prepare the area for future development.

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Impression of what could be developed.

The large site where Leeds Road meets the ring road was to have been developed by Tesco for a supermarket, but in 2015 the company abandoned its plans and the land returned to the council.

What will be taking place at the site over the next month?

Site investigations start on Monday for two to three weeks, followed by laboratory testing and reporting to confirm the ground conditions.  The latest work comes after a desk top study by the council’s consulting engineers Curtins.

What have our Cabinet members agreed to do?

Cabinet members have agreed to market the land for sale, with possibilities including: offices, research and development facilities, or housing.  The final scheme is likely to involve a mix of uses.

What do our Councillors think?

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Cllr Peter McBride, Cabinet Member for Investment and Regeneration, said:

“This is strategically important site at a gateway to the town centre, and offers a great opportunity for development.

We will be inviting expressions of interest from around June, and by doing this work in the meantime we minimise uncertainty for investors – helping us achieve the best outcome that suits our needs as a district.”


  • Hi Mr Sherif, if you call our planning department on 01484 221000 and ask for planning they will be able to assist

  • Mr Sherif Sharaf

    I would be interested in the site for a Nursing Home / housing….
    How can I get extra information and future contact at the Council….

  • Let’s have a properly planned area whatever it’s final use turns out to be.
    Kirklees should be encouraging everyone to use their cars less. Future generations will be paying big health bills if we are not more active in the way we travel. There is the issue of climate change to address and the increasing bills for highways and congestion. It is an opportunity to have a development that integrates and encourages active travel – walking, cycling and good cheap public transport. Good connections to the Railway station and the rest of the town centre. It is close to the canal – but it would need a footbridge to access the towpath.
    Let’s see a development that takes these factors into account. Let’s get some joined up thinking and communication between the various departments in Kirklees Council.

  • Returning this land to residential use is an excellent way to contribute to meating the government’s ridiculous housing expansion targets without destroying any more urban green spaces. It also helps concentrate retail development within the ring road. To plan, councillors.

  • Let’s get the carparks under the buildings releasing more space for use.

    And let’s be exciting in the architecture – let’s involve local student architects working in partnership with more seasoned ones.

    Create a CIC to take control — please don’t just sell to highest bidder. This should be something created for local people but with ongoing surplus at heart — this land could make more money long term than the short term gain of a flash sale.

  • Lots of reasonably priced car parking would be appreciated by the town! Trying to park in Hudds after 9.30am is a nightmare since Spring Grove car park was built on.

  • What a load of gobbledygook spoken by Peter McBride, does. He think we are stupid? The only choice is more housing!

  • anthony Bonser bonser

    I remember this site when it used to be open land ( This was when I was a young lad and going to Beaumont Street school in the late 1940s).
    I hope the site will be developed as a research and development which this town needs

  • The roads around and within the site should be cycle friendly. On Leeds Road and the ring road this requires segregation from vehicular traffic. In terms of land use the development should include a significant element of affordable housing. Buildings should have roof mounted renewable energy installations, and the development as a whole should aim to be carbon neutral.

  • Happy to see this land will be used for something other than another supermarket… much better idea. If housing is likely to be included, please can we have some proper social housing and no more student accommodation – I think we have more than enough of that!

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