Update on Queens Mill Road waste site

tile with before and after images of Hunters Site

The Environment Agency, Public Health England, West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and the West Yorkshire Police are pleased to announce that the former Hunter’s site is almost clear.

Together we have removed 8000 tonnes of waste and there is just 1000 tonnes left

We are hopeful that by mid March, the site will be clear of all the large scale waste and the fire will cease.

This is approximately 1 month earlier than anticipated and under budget. This is largely due to the efficient and collaborative partnership working with the organisations listed above.

There is just one small building left on the site which requires the waste removing from

As we finalise the clearance, our priority is to ensure that the safety of local residents, businesses and the teams working together on site are not compromised.

The fire service have been on site regularly but it has been agreed that they will scale back their operations to one visit per day as we have nearly finished removing the bulk of the waste.

In the event of any outbreak of a fire, the Fire Service will of course attend immediately.

Before and after drone footage from the site

What is happening with the legal proceedings?

 Kirklees Council has a current injunction claim ongoing at Huddersfield County Court, this is listed for a final hearing on 31 March 2017. Further proceedings against those responsible for the accumulation of waste on the site are being investigated. Proceedings to recover the costs involved in the clearance are also being investigated.

Public Health information

Although we are nearing the end of this incident, we would still like to remind you of the public health advice:

General health advice

Where smouldering material is burning, smoke may be an issue. Any smoke can be an irritant and, in areas which are affected by smoke, you should stay indoors as much as possible and keep doors and windows closed.  You should then ventilate properties when the wind changes direction. If you need to be outdoors, avoid areas affected by smoke or ash if possible or limit the amount of time you spend in such areas.

Some of the substances present in smoke can irritate the lining of the air passages, the skin and the eyes. Respiratory symptoms include coughing and wheezing, breathlessness, sputum production and chest pain. If any such symptoms occur as a result of being exposed to smoke, people should contact their General Practitioner (GP) for medical advice, or phone NHS 111.

It is also worth noting that the human nose is very sensitive to odours, and many substances that seem odorous are usually present at low levels and will not have a direct harmful effect.

Odours can however cause annoyance and can lead to stress and anxiety. Some people may experience symptoms such as nausea, headaches or dizziness as a reaction to odour, even when the substances that cause those smells are themselves not harmful to health.

Additional advice for people with existing health conditions

Smoke can worsen existing health problems like asthma. People who suffer asthma should make sure they always carry their inhaler while the fire flare-ups continue or when weather conditions lead to renewed exposure.

Anyone with an existing health condition such as asthma might need to use their medicines more frequently, but should not use them more than prescribed and should contact their GP or phone NHS 111 if they think this would be the case.

Useful contact numbers:

Environment Agency: (03708) 506506. To report pollution incidents, please call 0800 807060

For health advice please dial 111 or contact your GP

Kirklees Council: (01484) 221000 and ask for the Environmental Health team or email hunterenquiries@kirklees.gov.uk

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service: (01274) 682311

Police: In an emergency please dial 999; for non-emergencies dial 101



  • I agree with this entirely, it should be mandatory and not be used as a scapegoat result.

  • “I do not believe it” a famous quote from Victor Meldrew, The people responsible for this debacle,should own up to their responsibility in this matter, if it happened in the private sector, heads would roll as they say, but in the public sector they probably got a bonus or promotion, it stinks and we the public bury our head in the sand as usual.

  • It is most important that details of the final cost are published in detail. WE the residents are not responsible for the council personal who failed to do their job and we do not need a scapegoat.

  • KirkleesCouncilTaxPayer

    A total disgrace. Kirklees residents picking up this enormous bill. A bill so large, that the Council,refuses to provide details of the cost to us, the Council Tax payers. If Kirklees Council and the Environment Agency had done their job in the first place and monitored/enforced, we would never have been in this position. It’s sickening, reading these press releases, patting each other on the back. Thanks to all the crews from WY Fire Service who have worked on the site for the last 4 months, in what mist have been disgusting conditions.

  • Detail of this should be presented to the court on the sentencing day.

  • Nice to see that the work is near completion.
    Look forward to seeing the results of the court action on 31 March hoping that the cost of the whole episode is recoverable from the owners, plus an adequate jail sentence if this is not possible. Not just a slap on the wrist and then the householders of Kirklees having to pay the bill.

  • You seem to be patting yourselves on the back for a job well done!!! what about the people responsible for letting this happen, not Hunters, you the council, if I piled rubbish that high on my property I am sure you would soon be telling me that it was not allowed, there has been no mention of anyone taking responsibility for what happened, as usual, the only people who will suffer is us the ratepayers, paying the bill for your incompetence.

  • how is he allowed to start up again under hunter concreat it as been on facebook

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