No district election in Kirklees Thursday 4 May 2017

No local elections Kirklees 2017

If you’re wondering why you haven’t received a polling card or postal vote for a local election this week, don’t panic. Here in Kirklees there is no local election this Thursday 4 May 2017.

Why no election?
Each councillor is elected for four years, and in Kirklees we use the ‘voting by thirds’ system which means that a third of councillors are elected every year over a four year cycle (with no elections in the fourth year). 2017 is our fourth year.

The next scheduled district elections are due to be on Thursday 3 May 2018.

General Election
On Thursday 8 June the whole country will take part in the General Election. If you still need to register to vote you can do it online in under 5 minutes. To complete the application you may need your National Insurance number and/or your passport if you are a British citizen living abroad.

We have more information about elections on our website.

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