Nurturing Parents – next steps

“Nurturing Parents”, would like parents of children aged 1-4 to fill in a survey, to help build a picture of their experience of bringing up their children, from a parent’s perspective in Kirklees.

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What is “Nurturing Parents”?

“Nurturing Parents”, provides the support for parents to bond, nurture and communicate with their child.

A short survey lasting 10-15 minutes

We have designed a new survey that’s aimed at parents of children aged 1-4. We’ve previously ran a survey around parents of children aged 9 months to 1 year, so we’d like to follow-up on the next development in childhood.

We also want to find out about the information and services that have been useful to you, and what you feel is missing.

Fill in the survey to help shape services

Please take the time to complete our short questionnaire and help us shape our work going forward; your input is really important to us.

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