Pop up concerts in Huddersfield and Dewsbury

children singing in the piazza

Two pop up concerts are taking place next week in Huddersfield and Dewsbury to mark the culmination of Sing Out to Reach Out.

Twenty schools and nine community groups have been meeting together to get to know one another better and celebrate the special things about themselves and their neighbourhoods.

They have selected songs and pieces of music that they think connects them. Linked schools and partners have shared and exchanged the songs with their new partners and they have been practicing ever since in preparation for the open air concerts in Huddersfield and Dewsbury.

Over 250 children and adults are expected to participate in each event.

Everyone will be bringing banners, artwork and other exciting contributions on the day to share with one another and their audience.

More about the Sing Out Reach Out project

The aim of the project has been to connect children with one another and their communities through the sharing of skills, interests, stories, cultures and experience.

It is clear that the children have benefitted hugely from working with a wide diversity of groups. Not only have they enjoyed singing together, they have also learned more about themselves and their neighbours.

It is hoped that the schools will sustain the partnerships and friendships they have made and that children and adults will find ways to work together on future projects.

Visitors wanting to attend the concert are asked to bring a cushion or folding stool to sit on.

Thoughts from people taking part

Nafeesah from Mount Pleasant School, who worked in partnership with members of St Barnabas Church said: 

“I have liked everything but mostly the singing, painting and meeting people.”

Robin Bowles, from Huddersfield Quakers in partnership with Paddock Junior School said:

“We love being part of a diverse community in Paddock where singing has united us and made us realise how lucky we are to live here”

Where can I see the concerts?

The first is on the Piazza, Huddersfield, on Monday 3 July starting at 1.15pm.

The second is in the Market Square, Dewsbury, on Wednesday 5 July starting at 1.15pm.

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