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Kirklees building owners and businesses asked to share their space with their community

Building owners and businesses across Kirklees are being encouraged to open up their free space to volunteers, groups and organisations and become part of a sharing revolution.

What spaces do Comoodle want?

Comoodle, our unique community sharing project, is looking for 100 new shares of ‘space’ via their online platform which also showcases ‘stuff’ and ‘skills’.

Building owners and businesses can put any type of available space on the site – whether it’s advertising in a window, offering a small meeting room or entire venue. The facility can either be completely free or made available for a small charge or donation to charity.

Duggs Carre, Comoodle project manager, said:

“More and more businesses and building owners are seeing the benefits of getting involved in their community. Sharing helps to give local organisations a sense of community spirit and residents see that they care about the area they serve. This type of collaboration could lead to strong, local business which is good for us all.”

Who uses Comoodle?

Hundreds of ‘shares’ have already taken place via Comoodle’s website – from advertising facilities at community centres in Honley, Netherton and Emley, to storage space at Queensgate Market and a parking space at a council depot in Dewsbury.

Stephen Knight, owner of Honley and Netherton community centres, was an early supporter of Comoodle and offers his space on the platform.

Stephen said:

“There are a lot of groups working in isolation and they’re not sharing knowledge or equipment. Some have spaces that are not used four or five days a week so it makes sense to encourage businesses to share because they live in our community.”

More supporters of Comoodle are joining all the time – including Craig Grimes, a volunteer trustee at The Civic, Slaithwaite. Craig, who also runs a charity, has used the platform and is now looking at how the community facility can be part of the scheme.

Craig added: “We have to support the most vulnerable within our society – we have to support poorer people, younger people, older people, disabled people and these groups have to give back and support each other.”

Why should you Comoodle?

Cllr Graham Turner, Cabinet Member for resources, said:

“Community groups are incredibly important to the people of Kirklees and anything businesses and other groups can do to support them is really appreciated. In a society where everyone is busy it is not always possible to give up time to volunteer, but giving up a space for even an hour so someone can hold a meeting, or sharing a storage space where a group can keep their things safe, can make a real difference.

“There is no better time to sign up to Comoodle and offer your space to share; there are so many residents, groups and businesses that could benefit from a space, for a whole variety of reasons. I want to encourage the entire community to join our sharing revolution and get involved.”

For more information and to sign up to share visit:

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  • Could do more for dementia carers singing for the brain on a Friday gone can’t do Wednesday do something ourselves .making space going had no information as to what new set up will do.

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