Don’t bin your Household Enquiry Form – here’s why

Dog with Household Enquiry Form

From the 17th July 2017 we will be sending out the Household Enquiry Forms to all homes in Kirklees.

Even if nothing has changed you DO need to respond.  It’s easy enough to let us know – you can do it online, by telephone, by text message or by post.

If you don’t respond you may not be able to vote in elections.  It may also affect your chances of getting a mobile phone contract, a mortgage or even opening a bank account.

If there is anyone over 16 in the household who is not on the form, let us know, so that they won’t be missing out!

Individual Electoral Registration means that every individual is personally responsible for being on the electoral register.  Government rules mean you could be fined £1,000 if you don’t respond.

Do it early and help us save money, so we don’t have to send you costly reminders!



  • Works perfectly well if you go to the correct website. Then choose Kirklees. Simple.

  • website address doesn’t allow access to any page I can enter security code. “It takes just a few minutes”, you’re joking. I have been at this for 15 mins and I really don’t have the time to waste.

  • I agree with the comments above,its a complete utter waste of time(then again if their is one thing this banal society excels at these days,its time wasting)I have not voted since 1979..& have no intention of doing so ever again..i have no interest in the present or future well being of this Sceptic Isle.yet the Totalitarian state forces me with its financial threats to participate with the herd….

  • David Billington

    Complete waste of time as the site does not work. Why are Kirklees so incompetent – so far this week green bin fiasco; failed plans for traffic in Holmfirth; useless payment system in main car park? Yet our Councillors’ priority is to wash road signs!! What do we pay £200 a month for – total incompetence? Unbelievable, except in Kirklees.

  • utter waste of time – no amount of entering in the required website address results in actually getting there; have no patience for tap tapping away on my phone so will do it the old fashioned way – with a pen

  • Another time wasting web site not able to record as requested

  • just had a try to respond to form and I am not able to access the page

  • same problem as mr Barrens what a waste of time if you cant sort it forget it

  • Alan S Fielding

    I’ve been trying to register on ‘’ and all I get is a screen full of websites, none of which allows me to enter my security codes!
    You say ‘it takes just a few minutes’. Yesterday and today I’ve spent about a couple of hours and got nowhere.
    I’m 83 and usually when I have computer problems I assume it’s my fault. However reading comments from others maybe this time it ain’t.

  • How can I respond

  • Indeed, a total ‘waist’ (sic) of time and oney.
    Surely, if nothing had changed, it’s all unnecessary; postage and my time not required?

  • Huddersfield has the most frustrating Jobsworths of all.

  • I have tried more than half a dozen times to respond by internet. Why can’t this be simplified ? There is no way that I can even get through to even entering my security code. I am aged over eighty, is this ever taken into account when designing these forms ?

  • Tried to respond online but when i visited or should i say tried to visit it would only allow me to register and not respond. Sort it out as i had to phone in the end. Very annoying.

  • Hi Helen, you should hopefully have received a reminder in the last few days, let us know if not.



  • Helen O'Sullivan

    I’ve lost my form can you send me another please?

  • I Totally agree with Alison Mcalpine , What’s the point waste of time & money fining people a £1000 pounds WHERE’S THE GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD SHOULD NT HAVE TO BE FORCED TO DO ANYTHING WE DNT , I HAVEN’T VOTED FOR 25 YEARS COS FIRSTLY U DNT LISTEN AS A GOVERNMENT,

  • It would cost even less still if the Govt. finally made the jump into the 21st century and made the voting recording system electronic. Just come in, register who you are by showing a picture ID, (or thumb print, therefore allowing you to build up the police identification systems as you go), and the computer checks you off as you enter so no one can nick your vote elsewhere. From experience within the computing and software profession, I know that it is not actually nearly as hard or complicated as it sounds to make a system like that that works… if schools can do it to keep track on who has eaten what for their dinner, I’m sure the govt. can sort this out, if only it could find the innovation. Think of all the trees that would save…

  • Hi Alison, it’s the only method of checking the electoral register each year, otherwise we wouldn’t know that ballot papers are being sent to the right people in the right place. It costs us far less if people reply to this first letter than if we have to send reminders etc.

  • alison mcalpine

    Waist of time and money in my opinion.

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