Kate Sully: Revelation. Exhibition: 1 July – 26 August 2017

Huddersfield Art Gallery is hosting an intriguing exhibition where art meets science from 1 July through until 26 August 2017.

Sheffield based artist works with a range of materials and techniques that often cross the boundaries of what is craft and art. She is fascinated by what cannot be seen by the naked human eye. Her past work has explored microscopy and five years ago she decided that she needed to collaborate with academics and scientists to give her work a real context.

What has been created throughout this project?

After receiving a grant from Arts Council England, Kate embarked on a partnership with academics and students at the University of Sheffield. The project Revelation was developed, exploring bio-engineering and regenerative medicine to both inspire the creation of new artwork, and to present the research to a wider audience. She has continued to develop work in the last couple of years around the theme of fertility and infertility.

Kate states:

“This project developed discussion around the research and its applications for clinical use. My collections open up that debate into a wider context and involve the general public as they initially engage with the artwork as a tactile, colourful sculpture; once involved in the piece then feel more comfortable in generating discussion about how they both react to the research but also its vision for society.”

Kate’s stunning artworks take cutting edge images of cells from the laboratories at the University of Sheffield which she digitally prints onto canvas, she then works into and onto them with a range of media including pins and stitches.

Where can I see the artwork?

The resulting artworks can be seen at Huddersfield Art Gallery until the end of August.

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