Kirklees celebrates Love Parks Week 2017

Love Parks Week, which runs through 14 – 23 July 2017, is a campaign where the people of the UK show just how much we love parks.


To show our support nationally, we are on their list of organisations who are getting involved in Love Parks week.

3-2-1, walks in Kirklees

To further our support, we’ve created some maps of 3-2-1 walks in Kirklees parks (click on a route to enlarge it):

Norman Park 3-2-1 route:

Norman Park 321 Route

Oakwell Country Park 3-2-1 route:

Oakwell Country Park 321 Route

Roberttown Park 3-2-1 route:

Roberttown Park 321 Route

Beaumont Park 3-2-1 route:

Beaumont Park 321 Route

Crow Nest Park 3-2-1 route:

Crow Nest Park 321 Route

Greenhead Park 3-2-1 route:

Greenhead Park 321 Route

Bingo in Kirklees parks

We know how much fun our parks can be – but have you ever tried to play bingo in our parks?

We’ve created some great bingo sheets for “Parks Bingo” and “Wild Bingo”.

See if you can tick all the boxes, we’d love to hear what you think in the comments below (click on a bingo sheet to enlarge it):

Wild bingo:

Wild Bingo_LoveParksWeek

Parks bingo

Parks Bingo_LoveParksWeek

Show your support for how much you Love Parks


We’d really love it if you could take a picture of you and your family playing in our parks.

Find out more about Kirklees parks:

You can like Kirklees Parks & Green Spaces on Facebook for updates.

See our webpages on our parks, opening times, facilities and more.

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