Avoid the back to school rush

Summer holidays may have just begun but it won’t be long before that back to school feeling starts creeping up.

If your kids will be starting or going back to school this September, make life easier for yourself by sorting out a few of the essentials early in the holidays.

Bus passes
Make sure your child isn’t left behind this September (literally) by ordering a bus pass online. The form takes ten minutes to complete, you just need a photo of your child and the applicants National Insurance number before you start. Bus passes are sent to homes in late August.

Free school meals
All children in Reception and Key Stage 1 get free school meals, but from year 3, you need to apply to claim free school meals for your children if you are eligible. Check out whether they are eligible and apply online on our website.

School uniform can be expensive, if you’re worried about how you will afford it this year then consider contacting the Uniform Exchange. They offer good quality second hand uniforms to families in need, so no one needs to go without. And if you have spare uniform to donate, use the link above to find out how to do this.

And finally…
In case you missed it, we confirmed the 2018/19 term dates for Kirklees schools at a council meeting a few weeks ago. Read the details in our article – but always remember to double check specific dates for your school before booking a holiday.

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