Summer activities at Tolson rock!

On Wednesdays in August,  Tolson Museum will be running fun family activities to go alongside their new exhibition: Mines, Minerals and Monsters.  If you are looking for something to keep the kids entertained why not join in –  Each activity costs £1 per child

Wednesday 2 August: Rocks and Trails
11am to 1pm  and 2pm to 4pm

595f5d1b-01e8-4b2c-8b8f-2a8dc0a864a8Find out about the rock cycle with a fun chocolate rock sorting activity and follow the rock trail.  Have a look at exciting rocks under the microscope with the Huddersfield Geology group.

Wednesday 9 August:  Sparkle with Minerals and Ores
11am to 1pm  and 2pm to 4pm


Add a little sparkle to your day with a minerals and ores craft session using stick on gems, tin and graphite.  The Huddersfield Geology Group will be putting geology under the microscope so you examine rocks up close.

Wednesday 16 August: Wacky Plants
11am to 1pm  and 2pm to 4pm


Have a go at making fun plant fossils by pressing plants and making life scale prehistoric plants.

Wednesday 23 August: Under the Sea with Marine Fossils
11am to 1pm  and 2pm to 4pm


Make a marine fossil, paint a fish and add to the giant shark collage.

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